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24th June, 25th June Meditation with Ajahn Dhammasiha

  To attend the sessions, please fill form: Ajahn Dhammasiha: Born in West Germany in 1966, Ajahn Dhammasīha studied Business Administration in West Berlin during the fall of the Berlin Wall. After...

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Weekly update from Ajahn Jivako – 23 April 2023

‘Delicate Sound of Thunder’ Closing up an other week here on the land, a clear night with distant flashes over the horizon. This quiet night is welcomed by us here given the week of weather we have faced while out in our tents. As we are...

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Learning from each others’ Dhamma journey

Today evening's session will see regular practitioner(s) present their Dhamma journey(s), especially focussing on the areas / subjects that they found difficult to grasp, the main hindrances faced while trying to understand and live according to...

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