28th April weekend will be aimed to introduce beginners to the practice of meditation. There have been requests made by those who are new to the practice and will have opportunities to receive guided meditations and to ask questions. All are welcome to join at any point over the weekend if you would like to drop in for a session. This will also be a time to meet and catch up with Ajahn Jivako or Tan Khantiko who will both be staying in Delhi for the weekend.

*Friday 28/4*
5pm. Anyone staying at Dhammaram can settle in and also have an informal tea with the monk(s).
6:30. Meditation introduction and some guided practice.
8pm onwards will be for personal practice.

*Saturday 29/4*
5am – 6:30am. Sitting and walking meditation.
6:30 – 8:30am. Personal time , breakfast at 7am, clean up etc.
8:30 – 10:30am. Morning session. Reflections , guided meditation and practice time.
10:30 – 1pm. Meal set up , meal , rest.
1pm – 3:00pm. Afternoon session.
3- 3:30pm. Personal time
3:30 – 5pm. Practice period. Opportunity to meet with Ajahn.
5-630pm. Tea and informal chat
6:30 -8pm. Evening session
8pm onwards. Personal practice / rest.

*Sunday 30/4*
Same as Saturday, though ends at tea time.

Please note this will be an in-person session and won’t be broadcast on the internet. The sessions will be in English language. This is an Open retreat; people can come and go. No dinner will be served in retreat. Accommodation may be available for few male peoples to come and stay, details will be shared soon.