Dhammārāma center has a library of videos recorded during various events organised by the Aranya Vihara Trust over the years. To view these video recordings, please visit our YouTube channel. 

Books & Publications

Books and literature of the Thai Forest Tradition can be downloaded for free from the links given below :

Dhammārāma center has a library with books of various traditions related to the teachings of the Buddha. The library is on the 4th floor of the building. Currently, our collection does not include e-books.

If you wish to read books in library or get books issued, please visit Dhammarama center.

Chanting Book and Audio

Audio Collection of Dhamma Talks



  1. “Don’t take your life personally” by Ajahn Sumedho (Not available for download presently)
  2. The way it is” by Ajahn Sumedho (Alternative Link)
  3. The Four Noble truths” by Ajahn Sumedho (Alternative Link)
  4. चार आर्य सत्” – आचार्य सुमेधो महाथेर, Hindi translation of “The Four Noble Truths”
  5. Mindfulness – The path to the Deathless” by Ajahn Sumedho (Alternative Link)
  6. The Breakthrough” by Ajahn Amaro (Alternative Link)
  7. “Meditation Manual : Based on the Buddha’s Satipatthana Sutta” by P. L. Dhar (Not available for download presently)
  8. “The Buddha for Inquisitive Minds” by P. L. Dhar (Not available for download presently)



  1. Wat Pah Nanachat : Particularly refer to Teachings page.
  2. Forest Sangha
  4. Amaravati monastery : Particularly, refer to Teachings menu for Audio Dhamma Talks Chanting Book Volume 1, Chanting Book Volume 2, eBooks, Dhamma Articles, etc.
  5. Abhayagiri monastery : Particularly, refer to Reflections Talks, Books, YouTube, etc
  6. Website by Ajahn Achalo : Peace Beyond Suffering
  7. Website by Prof P. L. Dhar : Has lot of articles on teachings of Buddha, meditation. Particularly, see Lectures, Workshops on Mindfulness, Prof P. L. Dhar’s own spiritual journey, etc.
  8. Access to Insight : For Sutta study
  9. Sutta Central : For Sutta study



Prof. Dhar during his sessions used many documents, the links to which along with the videos are mentioned below. Some documents are available on the website of Prof P. L. Dhar



Sutta Nipata

Assorted Suttas


Therigatha Verses