A generous Upāsika has made available part of her residential building in Dwarka, for use as a city center of the Trust. This city center, named Dhammārāma, provides facilities to hold retreats by visiting monks and nuns, conduct workshops, and offers a place to do self meditation and study in the library.


We are open from 6am to 10pm every day of the week


Everyone is welcome for self meditation and study in the library


Read the basic points of monastic etiquette formulated by Ajahn Chah


Go through our catalog of Books related to the teachings of the Buddha

ciraṃ tiṭṭhatu saddhammo – May the Buddha’s Doctrine remain for ever

Meditation hall, Library and Terrace for walking meditation

(4th Floor)

Accommodation, Six rooms, Kitchen and Dining hall

(3rd Floor)

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