As you know, we have spent the last 3 months in a deeply investigating the Buddha’s advise in the Suttas on understanding the Khandas for penetration into Dhamma.

Through the course of this rigourous exercise, one of the difficulties that many of us have encountered pertains to our ability to listen, retain, recall and apply the teachings.

In this light we will devote today’s evening session i.e. 12 October (Wednesday) to seeking out what the Suttas tell us about how to be a good Dhamma student. This will cover aspects like: the correct attitude with which to listen to Dhamma, how to enhance listening and retention and finally how to call upon the understanding so developed and apply it in life.

In view of this, we will postpone our regular Khanda study session of 12th Oct (evening) .

You are welcome to join the session via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 998 8512 6773
Passcode: 123456

Or view it live on YouTube:

May we all be able to make greatest use of these invaluable teachings.
May great merit accrue to our teachers who bring these treasures to us.

Aranya Vihara Trust