Amaravati monastery is arranging weekly live Dhamma talks by Luang Por Sumedho and other senior Ajahns starting from Sunday August 1 to Sunday October 17 as per the schedule given below.

In view of this, AVT’s regular Sunday afternoon and evening sessions will remain suspended from August 1 to October 17, 2021

Enjoy the nectar of Dhamma from the accomplished masters !!

YouTube Link for the Amaravati Talks

Mettacittena 🌷

Schedule Sunday Talks – 2021

The following talks will be at 7:30 p.m. IST

1 Aug,  The Elephant’s Footprint – ‘All wholesome states can be included in the Four Noble Truths’*      Luang Por Sumedho

8 Aug   Consciousness and mindfulness*        Luang Por Sumedho

The following talks will be at 6:30 p.m. IST

15 Aug  Spiritual birth control     Ajahn Amaro

22 Aug  On being right    Ajahn Candasiri

29 Aug  Is the Buddha alive today?           Ajahn Amaro

5 Sep     The (ongoing) Dhamma of climate change             Ajahn Dhammanando

12 Sep  What is true love? It’s not what you think…          Ajahn Sundara

19 Sep  Voices in the head: Mara? Divine messenger? Or ordinary delusion?         Ajahn Nyanarato

26 Sep  Virtues – a path to letting go       Ajahn Kongrit

3 Oct     You don’t need to know ‘why’ (just know ‘it’s like this’)   Ajahn Amaro

10 Oct   Poisonous guilt, precious regret Ajahn Amaro

17 Oct   Holy shift: the liberation of Stream Entry               Ajahn Amaro