The recent guided meditation offered by Dr Dhar to enhance tranquility and concentration is now available here

This is a 3 part series that uses the first 4 instructions of the Anapanasati Sutta MN 118 ( as a basis. The interpretation as well as the guidance offered is an innovation to help enhance tranquility as well as concentration / penetrativeness of mind.

The background to this guided meditation is the series of investigative meditations that we have been doing since the start of Vassa 2022 focussed on understanding Khandhas for penetration into Dhamma. During the course of this series, two particular obstacles were encountered :
(i) The relative difficulty in accessing non sensual pleasure (niramish sukha) as the first step towards abandoning gratification in various Khandhas.
(ii) The relative difficulty in penetrating experience, disaggregating this into various Khandhas, identifying major areas of gratification, being able to see danger and finally practicing sense restraint and abandoning such gratification.

These guided meditations practiced regularly over a period of time are meant to enhance both these qualities (tranquility and concentration) necessary for developing insight into the true nature of Khandhas (and all experience).