Live meditation sessions

As humanity, we are witnessing an unprecedented event together.  It is wise to use all the necessary precautions to protect our lives and those of others. It is equally wise for Dhamma practitioners to maintain the regularity of sadhana, which is the best way to cope with the difficult conditions that have emerged.

A sense of community is uplifting – meditating and practicing metta in a group can help improve the distressing “environment” prevailing in the world today.

To enable group sadhana, we can join Dr. PL Dhar online in his daily meditation sessions. It will help us to maintain contact with the wider Sangha without meeting them personally.

Session of chanting, silent meditation and Dhamma desana

Morning : 5:30 am to 7:00 am

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Meeting ID : 995 7127 8192

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Evening : 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

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Meeting ID : 998 8512 6773

Passcode : 123456

The sessions will also be streamed live on the YouTube channel of Dhammārāma. The past recordings are also available on the Youtube channel

Hourly Schedule


5.30am -
Morning Meditation session


7pm - 8.30pm
Evening Meditation Session


22 Jan 2022

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