Visit of Luang Por Liem and the Venerable Sangha to bless the Upcoming Monastery Arañya Sangharāma

After the Bhoomi Poojan held on May 8, 2022 at the site of Aranya Sangharama, we are having the good fortune to welcome  Luang Por Liem along with the Venerable Sangha  in September 2022 to give their blessing to the upcoming Monastery.

The program of their visit is as follows:

Visit of Luang Por Liem to Aranya Sangharama – Gainda Rampur village dist Yamunanagar

Fri 23rd September  (night stay at Dhammarama)
Arrive into Delhi by BKK – DEL  TG 315 – D17:55 – A 20:55


Sat 24th Sept Del – Yamunanagar
Days program

  • Meals offering on the way
  • Arrive at Yamunanagar; rest for a few hours
  • Visit the remains of the ancient monastery near Adi Badri.
  • Night stay in Yamunanagar


Sun 25th Sept  Yamunanagar – Aranya Sangharama Visit
Days program

  • Depart for Adi Badri site after breakfast at Yamunanagar
  • Chanting and blessings by Luang Por Liem and the Venerable Sangha
  • Meals offering to the Sangha along with the villagers of Kathgarh and Gainda Rampur at Aranya Sangharama
  • Meditation and Desana by the Sangha
  • Visit to Museum and ancient site
  • Night stay in Yamunanagar


Mon 26th  Yamunanagar – Delhi
Days program

  • Visit Chaneti Stupa
  • Depart for Delhi after meals in Yamunanagar
  • Visit Kurukshetra Ancient Monastery on the way back
  • Reach Delhi by late evening.


Tues 27th Sept Delhi

  • Meals offering to the sangha
  • Interaction with Sangha in the afternoon
  • Forgiveness ceremony in the evening
  • Departure for Thailand

Del – BKK TG 316
D 23:30 – A 05:25

Kindly register for the trip by 25th August 2022 at the following link so that we have enough time for planning transportation and hotels for night stay.

While AVT would make necessary arrangements, the participants are expected to bear their own expenses of boarding and stay. Approximate expenditure per person is likely to be between Rs 2000 to Rs 2500 per day. Details will be communicated once they are worked out.

For any further clarifications, contact
Deepak Gilani at +91-9810608942
Kamal Saxena at +91- 9910066624

Yours in Dhamma
Aranya Vihara Trust


23 - 27 Sep 2022


All Day